What Does A Ufo And An Electric Car Have In Common?

If Plug In America has been very vocal these last few years, not too many people understand what the group strives to do and how it was formed. Find out more.

If that price is still out of range for you and you still want to join the Electric Car Expert club, you could consider your very own homemade electric car expert. You would need some time, you would need some knowledge or expertise, you would need some type of shop with basic tools, but most of all, as with anything worth getting, you would need some desire, and as always, you would need some of the green stuff (money) to go green, however much less than a new Electric Car Expert. We call these the 5 “you would need some’s” to end up with your home built electric car expert.

Then there is the price to consider on these new cars. For most of us, they are priced way out of our range. The $35,000 to $50,000 ones are just to much, especially in these times. There are a few coming down below that now, around $15,000.

The performance of this car is far superior to any of the other electric cars that have been produced. Once you press on the accelerator you are at full torque with no waiting for the car to shift. You can easily negotiate through heavy traffic and the handling of the Tesla is second to none. There is no engine noise from a Tesla Roadster. Imagine riding in a car that has no acceleration noise, no shifting noise and no exhaust noise. Nothing but the quiet hum of it’s electric motor.

The new craze… 1/18th Scale Mini Nitro RC Cars! I believe that small, 1/18 scale nitro rc cars will be the next big thing in the remote control hobby. Combine the popularity of nitro with mini size, definitely a fun model to buy. XRAY is starting the trend by producing a 1/18 scale remote control model car powered by a nitro engine. So cool! Remote Control Cars have arrived. Fast nitro RC cars achieve stock speeds to 80 MPH+. Not into nitro RC cars? There are electric RC cars too. Electric remote control cars can be used indoors and outside. Electric rc cars, trucks, helicopters which make amazing gifts for all ages. Whichever remote control car or rc truck you choose, you will not be disappointed.

EVs and PHEVs. There is no need to pit the Volt against the Leaf. Both cars are very different and achieve different goals for a different clientele. One uses a battery to move 80 to 100 miles per charge, the other carries a gas engine to squeeze more out of its pack. While both compete in roughly the same price bracket, it is interesting to see the Leaf sales edging out the Volt’s. To date, Nissan has reached 1,142 leafs sold in May and broke a record in June with 1,708 units sold. With 3,875 on the road, your chances of seeing one are getting better. The other contender, GM’s Volt sold 561 units in June with a total of 2,745 since its inception falls behind.

Based in Los Angeles, California this company is “comprised of world class scientists, car builders and designers dedicated to developing environmental transportation technologies to alleviate both the energy crisis and climate change.” They are currently developing the Velozzi Supercar and if their predicted numbers turn up to be correct than we are in for one fast mother of a Supercar. The Velozzi Supercar will be powered by a 770 hp AC induction motor able to go from 0-60 in 3 secs flat with a top speed of 200 mph.

Hybrids and electric vehicles seem poised to thrive in China, whose population will otherwise demand massive quantities of gasoline as the number of people who can afford a car grows. The company that can dominate the market for fuel efficient or electric cars seems poised to be a big winner, and that will please environmentalists concerned about China’s growing carbon footprint.