Tips For Easy Hairstyles – 7 Steps To Get Healthy Hair

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Watercress Macerate 100g (4 oz) of watercress in 100 ml (4 fl oz0 of alcohol for one week with 1 teaspoon of oil of geranium. Used as a tonic this promotes hair growth.

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Personality: Taureans like to be rooted whether it is your environment, work, home or your opinions. Thus you are a picture of stability to some and to others you can be stubborn, with a mind closed to new ideas and a certain unwillingness to change. But it works both ways, you are determined and do not easily buckle under pressure and adversity. You are patient, loyal and caring. Like the bull that represents your zodiac sign, you will be slow to anger but once annoyed, you will rage and turn ferocious. There is no stopping you then. Like fire, you can be a good friend and a bad enemy; you can also be quite shy and reserved. Ruled by Venus, you seek the pleasure of the senses and to you, being a true admirer of beauty, material comforts are far more important than for other zodiac signs.

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