The Chevrolet Cruze Is A Serious Contender In The Affordable Small Car Market

Buying a hybrid crossover automobile is not just good for the environment; it’s good for finances. Below are reviews of three of the most popular hybrid vehicles available.

Just because the MX-5 is an elemental sports car, it doesn’t mean interior comfort has to suffer. The seats are comfortable, and there is enough legroom for taller drivers. There is also just barely enough headroom for taller drivers with the top up. As far as the switchgear goes, most of it is logically placed and easily reached. There are exceptions, however. The center-mounted power window switches are easy to inadvertently activate with a misplace elbow, and the trunk release is too low, located near the driver’s left knee. Also, prizes should be awarded to drivers who can find the fuel-filler release without consulting the owner’s manual.

Average fuel economy for the Accord ranges from 24 mpg city to 34 mpg highway. Compared with the Nissan Altima the Accord does lack a little bit of power in the V6 equipped model, but makes up for it in fuel consumption. Drivers will find that they spend money on fuel more like they own a small car than a family sedan.

The 2009 Dodge Ram is available as a six-speed manual, four, and five speed automatic transmissions. Buyers can choose a two or four-wheel drive. Though for the life of me, I can’t imagine a Dodge Ram without four-wheel drive. Two wheelbases and three box lengths are available.

Comfort is key when it comes to the Jeep Liberty. The vehicle offers satellite radio as well as a GPS navigation computer. The vehicle also offers parksensor and seat memory in the front. The back seat area is roomy and is perfect for a family of four or five. A sunroof is just one more aspect of the vehicle that makes it a comfort to ride in or drive.

Now on to the engine bay. The engine bay is complex and it can be difficult to find any defects, so a simple inspection is all that is needed. Visually inspect for any leaking fluids. Check for leaks on both the top side of the engine bay and the undercarriage side. This will require you getting on the ground and underneath the vehicle. Next, look at the engine bay for any areas of rust. Inspect the underside of the hood for rust, or other defects.

Finding the right vehicle can be difficult. With all of the amenities and beauty that the Jeep liberty has to offer, perhaps your decision will now be an easier one. Take the time to visit a dealership near you that sells this make and model, and see how the prices look. You might find that a dealership has one that is more in your price-range than you originally thought you could find.