Keep Your Marriage Review – Say No To Divorce

When your wife tells you she wants a divorce, it’s usually for one of three reasons. One, she is tired of trying to work out the problems in your relationship. Two, she doesn’t think you are listening to her, so she is trying drastic measures. Or three, she has been thinking about divorce for a while and just didn’t tell you. If your wife says it’s over but you want to save your marriage, how do you know which one is the reason for her decision?

The fact that men are usually dealing with the more obvious situations (muggings and competitive (“oh-yeah! let’s go!”-type fighting), while women, and more and more young girls, are required to deal with subtle tactics like date-rape or being ambushed by a group.

You must end the affair for good, sever all ties and put it all behind you. However, this is definitely easier said than done. One of the biggest obstacles to infidelity recovery is the emotional baggage which you may have left over from the affair.

Study the cost of an individual session and find out how long the treatment is expected to take, to be able to work out the total cost. Some marriage counselors work in non profit making institutions who charge rates following the income level of the couple. This might mean that you can afford the counseling, where otherwise you might have found the cost too onerous.

… if an instructor has never been in a real-world self defense situation themselves, it will make it nearly impossible for them to teach real self defense to anyone – let alone self defense for women. It’s kind of like going to a priest of counselor for sex therapy who has never been married themselves. They both have information passed on by others but, neither has anyway of expressing that information based on real-word knowledge.

One of the answers to ‘how can I save a doomed marriage?’ is to make some changes in your life. Even if you make promises to your spouse, it won’t mean anything until you actually make noticeable transformations. Try to improve and make a conscious effort to change the bad habits that could be affecting your marriage.

Don’t just sit there looking around the room as your partner speaks, hang on there every word, don’t take your eyes of them as they get everything of there chest.