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While Candy Crush Saga Kindle Fire HD downloads are still non-existant, without a workaround, the game continues to get downloaded by the masses. The popular candy-crushing game is among the top 5, or top 3 in some instances on the high-traffic iTunes App Store and Google Play apps for Android listings.

On the other hand, bigger screens are just easier on the eyes, and they don’t force you to zoom in as much to read text. And although they’re not as bright, the Super AMOLED displays on phones such as the Galaxy S II and the Droid RAZR offer better contrast and more vibrant colors, making them great for watching movies. The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Nexus will up the ante on with the first HD display (1280 x 720 pixels).

The stars of “Spring Breakers” watched “Hunger Games” in high-tech and luxury seats that are programed into moving along with the action in the movie, according to the Huffington Post. These seats go frame by frame along with the film to give the movie goer a viewing of a lifetime. The two couldn’t help brag about their fortunate view for this movie by posting a picture of themselves in the seats. Benson posted a picture on insta dp download Sunday night to show the fans just how lucky they were.

Also, you should network in your local community. Do an internet search for Meet-up and find meet up groups that would attract the type of people you want in your business. Visit the group and see if it is going to work and if so, become a regular. Again, don’t immediately hammer people with your business or product/service. Instead go into each meeting to help others achieve success. In fact, spend your time asking about their business and life and figure out ways you can help them. The more you help people, the more they will want to help you. The same goes for lead exchange and networking groups (which you can find on the internet or in your local newspaper), Chamber of Commerce mixers, Rotary Club, Kiwanis Club, seminars, classes, tradeshows and any other gathering of motivated people.

All this talk of brands must have you feeling as though you have stumbled across a marketing blog. No, you’re still here with the cool SEO geeks. But isn’t solid branding and effective marketing the foundation of what SEO is all about? If the branding isn’t right, how can we hope to get our content and SEO strategies right?

File sharing made easy: AirDrop, touted by Apple as the answer to Samsung’s bump-share-enjoy method of file sharing using NFC, creates ad-hoc networks with fellow iOS7 devices. You just need to see the receiver’s device on yours and tap. Viola! Your file is sent to receiver via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. But hey, you can share with only iOS7 enabled devices. Sorry!

In the next article, I talk about a feature that no other smartphone on the market can duplicate. This could be the feature that puts Blackberry 10 on top with corporate clients: Blackberry Balance.