Health Care Jobs In An Economic Downturn

Keeping our kids safe causes lots of stress for moms and dads. Are you doing everything right? Will my mistakes hurt my kids in the log run. The best advice anyone ever gave me when I was about to be a mom for the first time was “go with your gut.” If something doesn’t feel right – don’t do it or seek another opinion. That advice definitely holds up.

By the way, this checklist is not for the ‘faint at heart.’ Some of the recommendations are here as FRCEM. After all, you’ve waiting until the final hour. So, your choices have changed.

When evaluating a patient with chest pain, there are two key points: you need a system of patient evaluation as well as a system of objective evaluation: the EKG/ECG and cardiac enzymes.

A defibrillator is a machine that most cardiologists are aware of that can shock the heart back into rhythm. Rhythmic medications can be administered to hearts that stop beating to retrieve a rhythm. CPR, as most health professionals know, should be conducted upon a flat surface that doesn’t bounce.

Result: You’ll appeal to the 65-80% of people in your audience who are visual thinkers. You’ll use whole brain problem solving to show-and-tell with poise and creativity. You’ll look great and add terrific value.

The first step in becoming an emergency room doctor is to go to college. You are going to need a degree from a four year college or university. You Bachelor’s degree can be in any major you choose. Contrary to popular opinion, you do not have to have a science degree to become a doctor. In fact, many medical schools look favorably at students who have “different” degrees. I’m a doctor and my undergraduate degree is in English. I have known several people in medical school who were history majors, music majors, and even an aerospace engineering major.

So the next time you are being probed, keep in mind that the person doing the probing is no different from anyone else. They are not necessarily saints who vow poverty to treat the sick and help prevent disease. They are not necessarily unbiased, objective, mature people who can distance their personal feelings from their work. They are just regular people who have been given a license to practice on you. They have the same perversions, biases, stupidity, self-interest, and petty lives as the rest of humanity, but are attracted to the lucrative and powerful business of disease.