Hatta Mountain Tour – Exploring The Dazzling Terrain Of Hatta

The Hatta Village: Constructed around an old settlement, it’s a recreation of a traditional style mountain village set in a lush oasis. See palm tree and mud houses, traditional trinkets and more. Ramp up the romance factor by visiting at night – pretty lights illuminate the village beautifully.

The first stop on the Abu Dhabi desert safari offer Rates will be at the sand dunes. You will be taken to the dubai desert safari on a four wheel drive. Once you are in the desert, the vehicle will start speeding through the desert and you will be able to enjoy the drive. The drive through the sand dunes will be exciting and adventurous because there is no road and the entire path that you take will have undulating sand. One minute on the trip you will be going up the incline and the next minute, you will be sliding down.

A spa would be a great place to enjoy while in Dubai. One great place for that would be to go to Jumeirah. It has amazing spas to relax and enjoy yourself.

If you prefer land-based activities, you will be spoilt for choice, too. There’s tennis, squash, mini-golf, go-karting, paintballing, horse-riding, biking etc. You can also enjoy a game of golf in El Gouna as it boasts a Desert Safari Offer lovely hole championship golf course!

Dramatic, yet subtle . . . Majestic, but personal . . . Unique and unforgettable . . . belly dance is one of the most beautiful attractions of Dubai deserts. Loaded with numerous adventures, Dubai deserts safari also offers cultural entertainment to its visitors, one of which is belly dancing. It is known as a folk dance of the UAE and is an inseparable part of the Arabic tradition.

Dubai Deseert Safari Offer – Have you ever gone on a safari? No? Make the experience extra special by doing it in the desert. You can head out in an SUV to the desert, and enjoy the ride of your life over the dunes.

We came to a tented camp retreat for dancing and eating underneath the stars, such as the Arabian story of 1001 Nights. My personal favorite time was allocated to our leisure time using its countless choices. The most of our team went skiing in the day and swam the superior Gulf shores in the morning. The water was so bathtub comfortable, they might have produced soap.

Most of these trips last for more than a day. You can also choose to go quad biking or enjoy a lazy camel ride on the safari. The Dubai dessert safari is indeed an experience that cannot be missed when, or if, you are in Dubai. So visit the internet, find a great website and make your booking. You will enjoy the Dubai safari best in the company of your closest friends. This can be a new perspective to view the great desert city from.