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Evidence that U.S. space agency NASA has defrauded U.S. taxpayers for billions of dollars could scrap NASA’s case against UK hacker Gary McKinnon. Credible witnesses have claimed that NASA has altered or destroyed its photos containing images of UFOs. This could become a legal and public relations nightmare for NASA.

Schuessler was also the co-founder of MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) International and its past Director. It was Schuessler’s story of the missing NASA UFO photo that was largely responsible for inspiring the ballot initiative to create an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission in Denver.

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There’s talk that McKinnon might serve up to 60-70 years in prison if found guilty. So what is the maximum sentence for NASA officials if found guilty of defrauding taxpayers? On Jan. 20, an UK judge is expected to make a final decision on McKinnon’s extradition to the U.S. That gives NASA less than one week to avoid a collision with reality.